Board of Directors:

Donna Neuman - Highly educated, well versed business owner of Penelope's Venue/Vintage and Pipeline Productions Company. She has worked in the field of Art and Entertainment for 18 years and has filled many roles in the industry from Producer to Director, to Actor. She is also an artist and professional photographer.
Additionally, Donna has 40 years' experience in computer operations and graphic design. She currently works for Henry Ford Hospital in the Computer Data Center and is well versed in many forms of technology. Her passion with No Artist Left Behind is to help others use their artistic ability to heal and find value through their creations.

Anna Calhoun - Is a successful small business owner of Smokey Crystal, LLC. This business in operation for 4 years offers holistic supplies and services to improve people's lives and supplies various religious communities with products needed to support their practices. She has been a member of a not-for-profit organization for two years and has received two-educational degrees in Elementary Education and Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship.

Anna has taught a variety of classes on spiritual health and wellbeing both at her place of business and at a major annual convention. She is currently working on two books due to be released in the next two years relating to the classes she teaches. Anna has dedicated her life to helping others to improve their life through spiritual practices that effect one's physical well-being. She believes that by healing the spirit, it becomes easier to heal the body and mind.

Stephanie Jean Jasinski - President of Stacey Jaye LLC & Founder of Fashion Detroit.

Following a career in business administration, marketing, public relations, sales and finance, Stephanie decided to add her creative skills to the mix and began to design clothing, mixed metal jewelry, small sculpture and writing poetry as Stacey Jaye LLC.

She is also a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor; experienced in Grantsmanship & arts program evaluation; a trained Cities of Peace Ambassador; co-maker at Ponyride in Corktown; Build Institute Entrepreneur graduate; teaches DIY Design Workshops and, as an eco-advocate teaches workshops on Organic Fibers & Materials & Natural Products.

Jason Domine - An Artist and Photographer in his own right he also has many highly sought after skills in all forms of technology. Jason has brought his skills into the art world by using graphic renderings and 3D art programs to make his art unique. Currently he would like to bring to No Artist left Behind is CDC wood carving and AI technology to help others experiences the benefits that both can have. For the past 10 years Jason has been IT Security Officer with SEMCA, a Michigan Non-Profit Human Services outreach program.

Cheryl Dumlao - The owner and designer of Gibson Girl Garters and Naked Orchid Garters, two successful Etsy Wedding shops, she is familiar with what is needed to drive a business to success.
In addition to designing and creating the products she sells; she also plays the piano and sings. She believes in imparting some of the old ways to today's youth and has a strong desire to aid NALB in every way possible.

To contact our borad of Directors you can email call 313.410.390. or write to No Artist Left Behind 25715 Haskell Street Taylor MI 48180